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Welcome to the Music of Signs of Rain. 

Hailing from Somers New York, Signs of Rain is original contemporary  jazz music of Guitarist Glenn DaGrossa, that boasts the ambient and cinematic sound of new age music with the melodic atmosphere of world music and the guitar symmetry of Latin and Jazz. 

Guitarist, Glenn Dagrossa founded Signs Of Rain in 1999 and released his first CD " August Night, Autumn Sky " in 2001. Immediately the cd rose to IUMA’s ( Independent unsigned musicians association ) and MP3.coms top ten charts for Jazz, New Age, Easy Listening, and World Beat. The CD has remained at the forefront ever since.
One track from the CD, song Corazon de Leon’ became the official theme song to WKRQ's Miami Latin Jazz show and the single, ‘Il Mare Chiara’ enjoyed extensive airplay across smooth jazz stations in America and abroad. In 2002 Glenn immediately set to work on a follow up release, a project that became " The Secret Sorrow ". It was released in April 2004 to a packed house at New York Central Park's Tavern on the Green. Since that time the Westchester New York based Guitarist has been promoting his music right across the USA. Glenn celebrated the success of his sophmore CD with a North East Tour performing in 7 states for more than a year.
The song “Corazon De Leon” was licensed by WSOC in Miami as the theme song for their Friday night Latin Jazz show and acoustic number “Brothers Bond” was used on TV news show “20/20”.

Readers of Denis Poole’s Secret Garden will know it’s the place to go for a British perspective on all that’s good, and not so good, in the world of smooth jazz and classic soul. In order to bring you more of the news more of the time this latest Secret Garden Snippet delivers another current sound bite from the adult contemporary scene. In the Secret Garden CD player this week is the latest release from the band Signs Of Rain, the eleven tracks that make up The Secret Sorrow is essential relaxation music for the busy world in which we live.

 The music of Signs of Rain was described by the Jazz Times as “ The New Age of Smooth Jazz”.

"A meditation of the senses", wrote New Castle Times "...the gift of relaxation". 

" Signs of Rain' dedicates itself to amazing compositions in which the melodies border many different regions of the jazz world. The songs pass you over into a comfortable array of world, new age and pop sounds. In the world of jazz, Signs of Rain will carve a path well known and far above.  Signs of Rain - "The Secret Sorrow"
In spite of the melancholy breathy title, commonly the album is a positive, which provides a prevailing mood – After one listen, you will be sure your musical senses have just increased. Glenn DaGrossa's guitar playing is lyrical, technical and beautifully played. Dagrossa's compositions and melody have more than a few things to offer. His abilty to preserve a melody in your mind for days is a gift not shared by many. "The Secret Sorrow" has beautiful moments and the music at times gives a sense of space. Highlights are, next to the beautiful title piece, the unfortunately quite short "Morning song" with a beautiful Piano intro and the sensitive guitar work and melancholy "Willow song"...... Jazz Dimensions Germany 

"He who likes Smooth jazz, should definetly hear this music. After one listen, you are sure to be hooked"..... New Jazz Vibes 

"One of the major benefits for Signs of Rain is Glenn DaGrossa's ability to perform his music effortlessly live. The use of musical and visual stimulation, puts Signs of Rain shows in the category all its own"....... Planet Jazz

"Next time you feel the need to escape the rigors of the working week, put on some coffee, spread the Sunday papers over the floor and slip The Secret Sorrow into the player. You will be transported"..... The Secret Garden, U.K.